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net::sourceforge::jnlp::tools::JarSigner Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for net::sourceforge::jnlp::tools::JarSigner:


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Detailed Description

The jarsigner utility.

Roland Schemers

Jan Luehe

Definition at line 53 of file JarSigner.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean allJarsSigned ()
boolean anyJarsSigned ()
boolean getAlreadyTrustPublisher ()
CertPath getCertPath ()
ArrayList< CertPath > getCerts ()
ArrayList< String > getDetails ()
Certificate getPublisher ()
Certificate getRoot ()
boolean getRootInCacerts ()
boolean hasSigningIssues ()
boolean noSigningIssues ()
verifyResult verifyJar (String jarName) throws Exception
void verifyJars (List< JARDesc > jars, ResourceTracker tracker) throws Exception

Package Types

enum  verifyResult { UNSIGNED, SIGNED_OK, SIGNED_NOT_OK }

Package Functions

void checkCertUsage (X509Certificate userCert, boolean[] bad)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Package Attributes

String alias
X509Certificate[] certChain
boolean debug = false
String digestalg = "SHA1"
boolean externalSF = true
String jarfile
char[] keypass
String keystore
boolean nullStream = false
PrivateKey privateKey
boolean protectedPath
HashMap< String, String > providerArgs = new HashMap<String, String>()
String providerName
Vector< String > providers = null
IdentityScope scope
boolean showcerts = false
String sigalg
String sigfile
String signedjar
boolean signManifest = true
KeyStore store
Hashtable< Certificate, String > storeHash
char[] storepass
String storetype
boolean token = false
String tsaAlias
String tsaUrl
boolean verbose = false
boolean verify = false

Static Package Attributes

static final int IN_KEYSTORE = 0x01
static final int IN_SCOPE = 0x02
static final String VERSION = "1.0"

Private Member Functions

void addToDetails (String detail)
void checkTrustedCerts () throws Exception
boolean signatureRelated (String name)

Static Private Member Functions

static String R (String key)

Private Attributes

boolean alreadyTrustPublisher = false
boolean anyJarsSigned = false
boolean badExtendedKeyUsage = false
boolean badKeyUsage = false
boolean badNetscapeCertType = false
CertPath certPath = null
ArrayList< CertPath > certs = null
ArrayList< String > details = new ArrayList<String>()
boolean hasExpiredCert = false
boolean hasExpiringCert = false
boolean noSigningIssues = true
boolean notYetValidCert = false
boolean rootInCacerts = false
ArrayList< String > unverifiedJars = null
ArrayList< String > verifiedJars = null

Static Private Attributes

static final Collator collator = Collator.getInstance()
static final String META_INF = "META-INF/"
static final String SIG_PREFIX = META_INF + "SIG-"
static final long SIX_MONTHS = 180*24*60*60*1000L

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