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net::sourceforge::jnlp::runtime::JNLPRuntime Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Configure and access the runtime environment. This class stores global jnlp properties such as default download indicators, the install/base directory, the default resource update policy, etc. Some settings, such as the base directory, cannot be changed once the runtime has been initialized.

The JNLP runtime can be locked to prevent further changes to the runtime environment except by a specified class. If set, only instances of the exit class can exit the JVM or change the JNLP runtime settings once the runtime has been initialized.

Jon A. Maxwell (JAM) - initial author

Definition at line 51 of file JNLPRuntime.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static void disableExit ()
static ApplicationInstance getApplication ()
static File getBaseDir ()
static File getDefaultBaseDir ()
static DownloadIndicator getDefaultDownloadIndicator ()
static LaunchHandler getDefaultLaunchHandler ()
static UpdatePolicy getDefaultUpdatePolicy ()
static boolean getForksAllowed ()
static List< String > getInitialArguments ()
static String getMessage (String key, Object args[])
static String getMessage (String key)
static PropertiesFile getProperties ()
static Image getWindowIcon ()
static void initialize (boolean isApplication) throws IllegalStateException
static boolean isDebug ()
static boolean isHeadless ()
static boolean isInitialized ()
static boolean isSecurityEnabled ()
static boolean isVerifying ()
static boolean isWebstartApplication ()
static void setBaseDir (File baseDirectory)
static void setDebug (boolean enabled)
static void setDefaultDownloadIndicator (DownloadIndicator indicator)
static void setDefaultLaunchHandler (LaunchHandler handler)
static void setDefaultUpdatePolicy (UpdatePolicy policy)
static void setExitClass (Class exitClass)
static void setForksAllowed (boolean value)
static void setHeadless (boolean enabled)
static void setInitialArgments (List< String > args)
static void setSecurityEnabled (boolean enabled)
static void setVerify (boolean enabled)
static void setWindowIcon (Image image)

Static Public Attributes

static final String CERTIFICATES_FILE = SECURITY_DIR + File.separator + "trusted.certs"
static final String HOME_DIR = System.getProperty("user.home")
static Object initMutex = new Object()
static final String JAVA_HOME_DIR = System.getProperty("java.home")
static final String LOCKS_DIR
static final String NETX_ABOUT_FILE
static final String NETX_DIR = HOME_DIR + File.separator + ".netx"
static final String NETX_RUNNING_FILE = LOCKS_DIR + File.separator + "netx_running"
static final String NETXRC_FILE = HOME_DIR + File.separator + ".netxrc"
static final String SECURITY_DIR = NETX_DIR + File.separator + "security"
static final String TMP_DIR = System.getProperty("java.io.tmpdir")
static final String USER = System.getProperty("user.name")

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Static Private Member Functions

static void checkExitClass ()
static void checkHeadless ()
static void checkInitialized ()
static void loadResources ()
static void loadWindowIcon ()

Static Private Attributes

static File baseDir
static boolean debug = false
static boolean forksAllowed = true
static LaunchHandler handler = null
static boolean headless = false
static DownloadIndicator indicator = null
static List< String > initialArguments
static boolean initialized = false
static boolean isWebstartApplication
static JNLPPolicy policy
static ResourceBundle resources
static JNLPSecurityManager security
static boolean securityEnabled = true
static UpdatePolicy updatePolicy = UpdatePolicy.ALWAYS
static boolean verify = true
static Image windowIcon = null

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