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net::sourceforge::jnlp::runtime::JNLPClassLoader Class Reference

Inherits java::net::URLClassLoader.

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Detailed Description

Classloader that takes it's resources from a JNLP file. If the JNLP file defines extensions, separate classloaders for these will be created automatically. Classes are loaded with the security context when the classloader was created.

Jon A. Maxwell (JAM) - initial author

Definition at line 74 of file JNLPClassLoader.java.

Public Member Functions

void enableCodeBase ()
Enumeration findResources (String name) throws IOException
ApplicationInstance getApplication ()
String getExtensionHREF ()
String getExtensionName ()
JNLPFile getJNLPFile ()
URL getResource (String name)
boolean getSigning ()
Class loadClass (String name) throws ClassNotFoundException
boolean resourceAvailableLocally (String s)
void setApplication (ApplicationInstance app)

Static Public Member Functions

static JNLPClassLoader getInstance (URL location, String uniqueKey, Version version, UpdatePolicy policy) throws IOException, ParseException, LaunchException
static JNLPClassLoader getInstance (JNLPFile file, UpdatePolicy policy) throws LaunchException

Protected Member Functions

void activateJars (final List jars)
void activateNative (JARDesc jar)
void addAvailable ()
void addNativeDirectory (File nativeDirectory)
JNLPClassLoader addNextResource ()
void addPermission (Permission p)
void fillInPartJars (List jars)
Class findClass (String name) throws ClassNotFoundException
String findLibrary (String lib)
String findLibraryExt (String lib)
Class findLoadedClassAll (String name)
SecurityDesc getCodeSourceSecurity (URL source)
File getNativeDir ()
List< File > getNativeDirectories ()
PermissionCollection getPermissions (CodeSource cs)
SecurityDesc getSecurity ()
 JNLPClassLoader (JNLPFile file, UpdatePolicy policy) throws LaunchException

Package Functions

void initializeExtensions ()
void initializePermissions ()
void initializeResources () throws LaunchException

Private Member Functions

void checkTrustWithUser (JarSigner js) throws LaunchException
void installShutdownHooks ()
Class loadClassExt (String name) throws ClassNotFoundException
void merge (JNLPClassLoader extLoader)
void setSecurity () throws LaunchException
JarSigner verifyJars (List< JARDesc > jars) throws Exception
void waitForJars (List jars)

Static Private Member Functions

static String R (String key)

Private Attributes

AccessControlContext acc = AccessController.getContext()
ApplicationInstance app = null
List available = new ArrayList()
JNLPFile file
TreeSet jarEntries = new TreeSet()
ArrayList< JarIndex > jarIndexes = new ArrayList<JarIndex>()
HashMap< URL, SecurityDescjarLocationSecurityMap = new HashMap<URL, SecurityDesc>()
JarSigner js = null
JNLPClassLoader loaders [] = null
File nativeDir = null
List< File > nativeDirectories = Collections.synchronizedList(new LinkedList<File>())
List resourcePermissions
ResourcesDesc resources
ArrayList< Permission > runtimePermissions = new ArrayList<Permission>()
SecurityDesc security
boolean signing = false
boolean strict = true
ResourceTracker tracker = new ResourceTracker(true)
ArrayList< String > unverifiedJars = null
UpdatePolicy updatePolicy
ArrayList< String > verifiedJars = null

Static Private Attributes

static Map urlToLoader = new HashMap()

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