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Object net::sourceforge::jnlp::Parser::getLauncher ( Node  parent  )  throws ParseException [inline]

Returns the launch descriptor element, either AppletDesc, ApplicationDesc, ComponentDesc, or InstallerDesc.

parent the parent node
ParseException if the JNLP file is invalid

Definition at line 608 of file Parser.java.

References getApplet(), getApplication(), getChildNodes(), getComponent(), net::sourceforge::jnlp::Node::getFirstChild(), getInstaller(), net::sourceforge::jnlp::Node::getNextSibling(), and net::sourceforge::jnlp::Node::getNodeName().

Referenced by net::sourceforge::jnlp::JNLPFile::parse().

        // check for other than one application type
        if (1 != getChildNodes(parent, "applet-desc").length
            + getChildNodes(parent, "application-desc").length
            + getChildNodes(parent, "component-desc").length
            + getChildNodes(parent, "installer-desc").length)
            throw new ParseException(R("PTwoDescriptors"));

        Node child = parent.getFirstChild();
        while (child != null) {
            String name = child.getNodeName();

            if ("applet-desc".equals(name))
                return getApplet(child);
            if ("application-desc".equals(name))
                return getApplication(child);
            if ("component-desc".equals(name))
                return getComponent(child);
            if ("installer-desc".equals(name))
                return getInstaller(child);

            child = child.getNextSibling();

        // not reached
        return null;

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