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net::sourceforge::jnlp::Parser Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Contains methods to parse an XML document into a JNLPFile. Implements JNLP specification version 1.0.

Jon A. Maxwell (JAM) - initial author

Definition at line 41 of file Parser.java.

Public Member Functions

AppletDesc getApplet (Node node) throws ParseException
ApplicationDesc getApplication (Node node) throws ParseException
AssociationDesc getAssociation (Node node) throws ParseException
String getAttribute (Node node, String name, String defaultValue)
URL getCodeBase ()
ComponentDesc getComponent (Node node)
ExtensionDesc getExtension (Node node) throws ParseException
URL getFileLocation ()
Version getFileVersion ()
IconDesc getIcon (Node node) throws ParseException
List getInfo (Node parent) throws ParseException
InformationDesc getInformationDesc (Node node) throws ParseException
InstallerDesc getInstaller (Node node)
JARDesc getJAR (Node node) throws ParseException
JREDesc getJRE (Node node) throws ParseException
Object getLauncher (Node parent) throws ParseException
Locale getLocale (String localeStr)
Locale[] getLocales (Node node)
MenuDesc getMenu (Node node)
PackageDesc getPackage (Node node) throws ParseException
PropertyDesc getProperty (Node node) throws ParseException
RelatedContentDesc getRelatedContent (Node node) throws ParseException
String getRequiredAttribute (Node node, String name, String defaultValue) throws ParseException
URL getRequiredURL (Node node, String name, URL base) throws ParseException
List getResources (Node parent, boolean j2se) throws ParseException
ResourcesDesc getResourcesDesc (Node node, boolean j2se) throws ParseException
SecurityDesc getSecurity (Node parent) throws ParseException
ShortcutDesc getShortcut (Node node) throws ParseException
String getSpanText (Node node) throws ParseException
Version getSpecVersion ()
UpdateDesc getUpdate (Node parent) throws ParseException
URL getURL (Node node, String name, URL base) throws ParseException
Version getVersion (Node node, String name, String defaultValue)
 Parser (JNLPFile file, URL base, Node root, boolean strict, boolean allowExtensions) throws ParseException
String[] splitString (String source)

Static Public Member Functions

static Node getChildNode (Node node, String name)
static Node[] getChildNodes (Node node, String name)
static Node getRootNode (InputStream input) throws ParseException
static Version getSupportedVersions ()

Protected Member Functions

void addInfo (InformationDesc info, Node node, String mod, Object value)
boolean isTrustedEnvironment ()

Private Member Functions

URL addSlash (URL source)
void checkVMArgs (String vmArgs) throws IllegalArgumentException
String[] getValidStartingVMArguments ()
String[] getValidVMArguments ()

Static Private Member Functions

static String getEncoding (InputStream input) throws IOException
static String R (String key, Object p1, Object p2, Object p3)
static String R (String key, Object p1, Object p2)
static String R (String key, Object p1)
static String R (String key)

Private Attributes

boolean allowExtensions
URL base
URL codebase
JNLPFile file
URL fileLocation
Node root
Version spec
boolean strict

Static Private Attributes

static Version supportedVersions = new Version("1.0 1.5 1.6 6.0")

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