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void net::sourceforge::jnlp::JNLPFile::parse ( Node  root,
boolean  strict,
URL  location 
) throws ParseException [inline, private]

Initialize the JNLPFile fields. Private because it's called from the constructor.

root the root node
strict whether to enforce the spec when
location the file location or null

Definition at line 560 of file JNLPFile.java.

References codeBase, fileVersion, net::sourceforge::jnlp::Parser::getCodeBase(), net::sourceforge::jnlp::Parser::getFileLocation(), net::sourceforge::jnlp::Parser::getFileVersion(), net::sourceforge::jnlp::Parser::getInfo(), net::sourceforge::jnlp::Parser::getLauncher(), net::sourceforge::jnlp::Parser::getResources(), net::sourceforge::jnlp::Parser::getSecurity(), net::sourceforge::jnlp::Parser::getSpecVersion(), net::sourceforge::jnlp::Parser::getUpdate(), info, launchType, net::sourceforge::jnlp::ParseException::printStackTrace(), resources, security, sourceLocation, and specVersion.

Referenced by JNLPFile().

        try {
            //if (location != null)
            //  location = new URL(location, "."); // remove filename

            Parser parser = new Parser(this, location, root, strict, true); // true == allow extensions

            // JNLP tag information
            specVersion = parser.getSpecVersion();
            fileVersion = parser.getFileVersion();
            codeBase = parser.getCodeBase();
            sourceLocation = parser.getFileLocation() != null ? parser.getFileLocation() : location;
            info = parser.getInfo(root);
            update = parser.getUpdate(root);
            resources = parser.getResources(root, false); // false == not a j2se/java resources section
            launchType = parser.getLauncher(root);
            security = parser.getSecurity(root);
        catch (ParseException ex) {
            throw ex;
        catch (Exception ex) {
            if (JNLPRuntime.isDebug())

            throw new RuntimeException(ex.toString());

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