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net::sourceforge::jnlp::JNLPFile Class Reference

Inherited by net::sourceforge::jnlp::PluginBridge.

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Detailed Description

Provides methods to access the information in a Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) file. The Java Network Launching Protocol specifies in an XML file the information needed to load, cache, and run Java code over the network and in a secure environment.

This class represents the overall information about a JNLP file from the jnlp element. Other information is accessed through objects that represent the elements of a JNLP file (information, resources, application-desc, etc). References to these objects are obtained by calling the getInformation, getResources, getSecurity, etc methods.

Jon A. Maxwell (JAM) - initial author

Definition at line 52 of file JNLPFile.java.

Public Member Functions

AppletDesc getApplet ()
ApplicationDesc getApplication ()
URL getCodeBase ()
ComponentDesc getComponent ()
URL getFileLocation ()
Version getFileVersion ()
InformationDesc getInformation (final Locale locale)
InformationDesc getInformation ()
InstallerDesc getInstaller ()
Object getLaunchInfo ()
List< String > getNewVMArgs ()
ResourcesDesc getResources (final Locale locale, final String os, final String arch)
ResourcesDesc getResources ()
SecurityDesc getSecurity ()
URL getSourceLocation ()
Version getSpecVersion ()
String getTitle ()
String getUniqueKey ()
UpdateDesc getUpdate ()
boolean isApplet ()
boolean isApplication ()
boolean isComponent ()
boolean isInstaller ()
 JNLPFile (InputStream input, boolean strict) throws ParseException
 JNLPFile (URL location, String uniqueKey, Version version, boolean strict, UpdatePolicy policy) throws IOException, ParseException
 JNLPFile (URL location, Version version, boolean strict, UpdatePolicy policy) throws IOException, ParseException
 JNLPFile (URL location, Version version, boolean strict) throws IOException, ParseException
 JNLPFile (URL location, boolean strict) throws IOException, ParseException
 JNLPFile (URL location) throws IOException, ParseException
boolean needsNewVM ()
void setDefaults (String os, String arch, Locale locale)

Static Public Member Functions

static Version getSupportedVersions ()

Protected Member Functions

 JNLPFile ()

Protected Attributes

URL codeBase
String defaultArch = null
Locale defaultLocale = null
String defaultOS = null
URL fileLocation
Version fileVersion
List info
Object launchType
List resources
SecurityDesc security
ResourcesDesc sharedResources = new ResourcesDesc(this, null, null, null)
URL sourceLocation = null
Version specVersion
String uniqueKey = null
UpdateDesc update

Package Functions

 [instance initializer]

Private Member Functions

 JNLPFile (Reader input, boolean strict) throws ParseException
boolean localMatches (Locale requested, Locale available[])
void parse (Node root, boolean strict, URL location) throws ParseException
boolean stringMatches (String prefixStr, String available[])

Static Private Member Functions

static InputStream openURL (URL location, Version version, UpdatePolicy policy) throws IOException
static String R (String key)

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